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Financial Institutions Can Learn to be Lean

By David Potterton

(Excerpt from latest IDC Link) Lean Processing has been trying to make its way into Financial Institutions for the past 10 years or more.  While success has been limited, there is much financial institutions can learn from Lean.  Lean, based on the principles of Toyota's Production System , has long held a place in manufacturing but has yet to find many converts on the services side and especially financial services. Lean at its essence is really about creating more value for customers by eliminat

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2008 marked what was easily the most catastrophic period for financial institutions in recent history. As we enter into another corporate earnings season across the globe for first quarter 2009, how are the results beginning to shape up for banks here in Asia? We are seeing what seems to be three camps of financial performance being released. In the left corner are institutions in countries like South Korea and Malaysia which are still facing lackluster performance. In Korea for instance, whilst the banking


I find that I have a very difficult time explaining to my American colleagues what makes Canadian banking and insurance regulation so different from the American model.  Finally I have something good to point at -- a profile done by the Globe and Mail of Julie Dickson -- the top financial regulator in Canada which paints a great portrait of her and highlights the differences in regulatory environment between the two countries. 

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The total price tag for government-led stimulus programs in the Asia/Pacific region will easily tip over US$1.5 trillion by mid-2009. This massive injections of liquidity will up the ante in the already fierce competition of banks. Which banks will win? 

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You Take The Good, You Take The Bad....

By Marc DeCastro take them both and there you have "The Facts of Life".  Who could forget the lyrics to that sitcom from the 80's? So, here we have the following...

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The current headlines around the new swine flu outbreaks have reactivated discussions about pandemic planning for institutions. This level of concern has not been seen since the SARS outbreak in 2003.  All over the world, banks will be dusting off their Business Continuity Plans which are hopefully within easy reach.  


We see articles from a variety of sources that the insurance industry is shedding jobs. Just a few days ago, there was an article in BestWire that Nationwide Mutual will be cutting 480 jobs all in its information technology area. Half of these jobs will be Nationwide employees and the other half are contractors. Is this part of a trend?

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Metavante Acquired by FIS

By Jeanne Capachin

Financial Insights quick insights and opinion on the acquisition - what was the motivation, what does it mean to current Metavante clients.

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Credit Risk on the Radar in Asia

By Li-May Chew

While the financial tsunami has washed up the shores of Asia/Pacific and losses to the tune of billions of dollars have resulted in banks slashing technology budgets, there is still money flowing into risk-related projects. These are more easily justified as banks seek to plug risk leakages exposed by the recent market stresses. Consequently, risk-mitigating products and techniques to empower banks to manage credit exposures more proactively becoming increasingly important. The beneficiaries of these accele

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Of late, microinsurance has been generating increasing interest and momentum here in Asia. For instance, Taiwan's Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) just this week proposed plans to provide microinsurance to a sandwich class of almost a million Taiwanese who hover near the poverty line but do not qualify to receive government subsidies. Incentives such as tax cuts would be offered to insurers to encourage the development of a variety of microinsurance coverage for accident, health and life. Me

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