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This week, a group called the Merchant Payments Coalition launched an ad campaign timed to coincide with votes in the House and Senate on legislation to restrict credit card billing practices.  However, it is unclear exactly what the MPC is trying to accomplish here.  Should credit card issuers be concerned?

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Are we there yet?

By David Potterton

The Treasury's announcement Monday of the Public Private Investment Program (PPIP) gave the markets much needed details (finally) on the plan for stabilizing the financial services industry.  While the 20% run up in bank stocks abated a bit as the week progressed, unexpected increases in housing starts and durable goods orders have pushed the Dow up 21% in the last three weeks.

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This week Marc DeCastro and I spoke with Mark Forbis, CTO of Jack Henry, regarding its certification of Jack Henry software to run in virtualized environments – both internally and in their clients' data centers.  A press release on March 12 announced this new capability.

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Video blog on P2P lending

By Marc DeCastro

Some updated information regarding P2P lending.  Should banks be concerned? Take a listen then post your comments here. For those with access to YouTube, watch right here - for those with restrictions, download the file to play in your media player of choice.


CRM Is Not a 4-Letter Word

By Barry Rabkin

Do you know which of your policyholders generate most of your insurance firm's profitable revenue - and for which products? Do you know when your policyholders came on-board and with which products and from which distribution channels? When your policyholders call do they reach a customer service representative who knows all of the products they have purchased as well as their previous interactions with your insurance company? Does your insurance company understand the importance of their policyholders? Rea

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FDIC Slashes One Time Premium...

By Marc DeCastro – 4 Comments

The FDIC had earlier announced a one time premium charged to banks of 20 cents per $100 of insured deposits. Now that fee has been slashed in half to just 10 cents per $100. Are operators standing by? Why do I feel like I am watching a Sham-Wow infomercial that has offered a 2-1 special.  What is different now than last week that has the FDIC changing their tune? Was the intention all along to charge 10 cents, but came out swinging saying it could be as high as 30 cents so that 10 cents sound


It's almost refreshing to see that Berkshire Hathaway's 2008 loss - a 9.6% drop in book value - was due to acquisitions that didn't work out and the boring, traditional insurable losses. State Farm, by contrast, reported its first loss in six years due to both those usual insurable losses (hurricane claims and the cost of insuring automobiles) as well as a decline in value of its Property & Casualty's unaffiliated stock portfolio. And what of AIG? Today it announced a fourth quarter loss of over $6

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