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Cloud, SaaS, PaaS: Transitioning to On-Demand

By Jeanne Capachin – 26 Comments

We are at the beginning of a sea change in how businesses can consume technology. With software as a service and cloud computing there is much greater flexibility in the way financial institutions can purchase technology.

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Innovation: How much will it hurt?

By David Potterton – 2 Comments

Innovation is one of our four key themes for financial services in 2010.  At first blush, innovation might seem counterintuitive with all the focus on controlling cost and increased regulation.  It also appears to be an overused marketing term (when is the last time you heard of a solution not being innovative).  But while innovation as a term is definitely overused, we do not believe we are suffering from "innovation fatigue".  In fact, closer inspection shows that true innovation is ex

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Just Made My First Deposit From Home...

By Marc DeCastro – 8 Comments

A local credit union here in the Boston area recently announced the ability to deposit checks from the comfort of my home - in essence, branch capture for consumers. Being one who loves a technology challenge, I gathered the family around to show them this great new technology. Now, there was a pre-registration process that does take a few days that I had already completed, so now it was time to get down to business.

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