50 to 60 Billion Digital Identities, and Counting

By Michael Versace – August 7, 2014
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The news this week of the latest digital ID theft by Russia hackers reignited my interest in just how many digital IDs there are in use today and how many are left to steal. The 1.2B figure from this latest breach seems like a big number, but against a complete population of digital identities, it could be a relatively small percentage - maybe 1-2% of the total, using conservative estimates. How difficult would it be to model and forecast digital identity, creating a digital identity census of sorts? How could we put this data to a useful purpose to understand the costs and complexity in managing digital identity risk? What are the implications of change and growth in this little corner of the IoT and digital universe? And where do digital identities and 3rd platform technologies intersect, how have things changed over the past 50 years of IT, and how will the growth of digital identity affect what we're willing to pay for in exchange for privacy protection?

These are all good questions that could be informed by better understanding the Digital Identity Universe, or the DIU.


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