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IDC Energy Insights forecasts that by 2014, worldwide utilities IT spending for gamification tools, applications, and services will be approximately $13.5 million, rising to $65 million in 2016. IDC Energy Insights also expects that by 2016, 60% of progressive worldwide energy retailers will utilize at least one gamified application.

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Cybersecurity continues to be a major (and growing) focus for the utility industry. The reasons for this have been highlighted yet again by reports of a continuing cybersecurity threat from a group of attackers named, alternately, “Dragonfly”, “Energetic Bear”, or Havex. Invoking memories of the 2010 Stuxnet virus, Dragonfly / Energetic Bear has progressed from attacks via phishing and email to injecting trojans into industrial control system software with the apparent intent of gaining remote access. As the threat landscape continues to morph in unpredictable ways, IDC believes that the steps and tactics to prevent and address these kinds of attacks must combine the highly technical with the highly disciplined; IDC provides some specific recommendations for utilities in response to this latest threat.

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