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In a recent study, the Energy Research Council surveyed 1,254 middle market companies concerning their interest and actions towards reducing energy use. One interesting outcome from the survey is that almost two-thirds of the respondents (63%) either had no interest or only moderate interest in Demand Response programs. Further, only 9% are currently participating in these programs. For owners or operators of smart buildings, not evaluating and including the potential benefits of demand response programs could be a missed opportunity.

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The 18th annual CleanTech international summit and exhibition for Water Technologies, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Recycling, Green Transportation and Green Building, was held near Tel Aviv, Israel earlier this week. Second only to the US in its concentration of startups per capita, Israeli startups have often focused on the cleantech sector, driven by the country’s (up until recent) absence of natural resources and its turbulent geopolitical situation, both of which have led the country to pursue aspects of self-sufficiency. This has resulted for instance in Israel being a world leader in water resource management and solar water heater deployment. Often referred to, by the monikers "the start-up nation" and "Silicon Wadi", the county serves as a great platform to observe local and global cleantech developments.

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