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Itron Riva Turns Metering on Its Head

By Marcus Torchia

From San Antonio, the 34th Itron Utility Week provided a forum to its utility customers and business partners to engage in discussions of challenges to and opportunities for use of its technology and growing services offerings in smart grids, smart cities and Internet of Things.

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My Key Takeaways from the ZigBee Smart Homes Day

By Jean-François Segalotto

Last week I attended the ZigBee Smart Homes Day, an event organized by the ZigBee Alliance, supported by Green Peak and hosted by Telecom Italia (a member of Italy’s Energy@Home Association) at its “Future Centre” located in the heart of Venice. The event featured a well-balanced pool of speakers, from telecom operators, utilities, platform operators, technology providers and industry associations, each giving the widest possible view of enablers, obstacles and approaches to the development of the smart homes market as a key building block of the Internet of Things (IoT).

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This blog elaborates on the major findings of a recently published IDC Energy Insights document: Business Strategy: A Unified Customer Experience Through Customer-Preferred Channels is Key for Utility Retailers' Success (August 2014, Doc #EIOS07W).

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