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In the last week of January, the IDC Energy Insights team traveled from the gray skies of Boston and Boulder to sunny San Diego for DistribuTech. While Rick Nicholson commented last week on the vendor drumbeat of Big Data/Analytics and Cloud services, my conversations in and around the North American metering ecosystem unveiled a new trend in the "coop-etition" between smart metering vendors and their partners. Namely, as the ANSI metering market slows from its ARRA driven peak, some vendors are shifting their focus from metering systems to unified "platforms."

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In last night's State of the Union address President Obama made three specific comments on climate and energy that signify real opportunity for innovation in the approach to some of our biggest economic challenges. Energy efficiency, and more specific smart building technologies, can be the tools to drive the change in how we consume energy and reroute our path on climate change.

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Big Data/Analytics and Cloud Dominate DistribuTECH

By Rick Nicholson

After countless vendor briefings, press releases, demos and casual conversations it’s sometimes hard to see the proverbial forest for the trees. However, looking back at last week’s DistribuTECH conference it’s clear to me that two technology themes dominated the event – big data/analytics and cloud.

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