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This year's IDC Energy Insights North American Home Energy Management (HEM) utility spending forecast projects steady, but conservative growth in utility spending on HEM reaching about $578 million by 2016. In the next five years, electric utilities will expand investment in technologies and services that enable home energy management (HEM) because these solutions support the initiatives and goals of the emerging smart grid.

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Customer indifference and technology costs have limited utility investment in Home Energy Management. Comverge has announced a new "SmartPrice" solution designed to engage residential customers and provide a cost-effective mechanism for demand management. Two questions remain: will this new program be an effective sales pipeline for Comverge's technologies and services to bring them back from the struggles that led to their acquisition last May; and is there a strong enough business case to drive utility investment in this model for home energy management.

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Starting next October, a group of thirty young professionals from energy-related companies from all over Europe will join a six-month program focusing on Smart Energy. This initiative is called YEEP (Young European Energy Professionals) and is initiated by Dutch utility Alliander. YEEP is not-for-profit. Its main goal is to network and equip young energy professionals to have a voice, challenging the industry they are working in. IDC Energy Insights' analysts support the program.

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Deutsche Telekom /T-systems goes after smart energy

By Daniella Muallem

Last week, my colleagues Gaia Gallotti, Petr Stabrawa, and I were in Friedrichshafen, Germany to hear about and see for ourselves how Deutsche Telekom (DT)/T-systems', smart city project, T-City is working. Over the 2 days of the DT/T-Systems Energy Event, DT laid out its strategy to leverage its core competences in big data, security and cloud services, to target utility and energy in enterprise sectors, with commercial end-to-end smart meter and smart home offerings, based in part on solutions developed and trialled in T-city.

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Utility Customer Segmentation: Parsing out the problem

By Michael Guilfoyle

Customer engagement certainly is one of the hot topics in the industry lately, and with creation of organizations such as The Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC) it has officially passed beyond buzz. One of the key areas of customer engagement that SGCC has explored in depth is segmentation. In SGCC's opinion, and mine too, utilities are going to have to become much more adept at customer segmentation in order to see success with new programs and rates they create as well as meet the needs being driven by increasingly engaged customers. Why have efforts in this area been so halting and fractured?

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In the second week of September, the European Parliament approved the hotly debated Energy Efficiency Directive. The document introduces specific energy saving measures that are expected to help the European Union (EU) achieve its 20-20-20 targets. Proponents of the legislation also argue that it will enhance energy security by reducing the EU‘s depenendence on energy imports, effectively helping the the bloc save billions of euros per year.

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