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My Key Takeaways from NGU Europe 2012

By Gaia Gallotti

Last week, I attended the Next Generation Utilities Europe Summit in Barcelona alongside my colleague, Jill Feblowitz, and 60 decision makers from the utilities world. As analyst partner, IDC Energy Insights’ role was to help steer the summit content, and facilitate the sharing of experiences to identify the major challenges and assist in finding new strategies going forward.

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I recently attended and acted as master of ceremonies for the Next Generation Utilities Summit in San Antonio, which included 50 North American utility business executives as delegates. The roundtable discussion, panels, workshops and 1-on-1 meetings gave me some additional insight into the top issues on the minds of these executives.

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CEZ, a.s., the largest electricity supplier in the Czech Republic and a subsidiary of the integrated electricity conglomerate CEZ Group, with operations in a number of countries in central and southeastern Europe, is currently not planning the further installation of smart meters among its customer base in the Czech Republic.

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Smart Metering for the Consumer?

By Dean Chuang – 2 Comments

This post was co-authored by Marcus Torchia and Usman Sindhu

Should smart metering serve the utility or the customer? What does customer “engagement” and “benefit” really mean? Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) has opened up new opportunities - and new challenges - for the metering community.

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I recently spent a few days in Israel examining the new Better Place network. The system consists of the things that you've heard of in the press: new Renault ZE EV's, 24 kWh Lithium-Ion battery packs from AESC, thousands of distributed charge spots and the switch stations themselves (by summer, at least 38 of them will be up and running in Israel).

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From the land of nuclear energy, Bordeaux, and Descartes, the freedom loving French have done it again. A materials invention has emerged that has the power to change the rancorous debate over smart meter health concerns, and not a minute too soon.

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Just 2 weeks ago, I had an opportunity to attend Ernst & Young Analyst day. The event provided a good overview of their various business units with a greater focus on the Advisory organization. Utilities sector has shown the fastest growth in the area of ‘Risk’ in the past year. IT risk, corporate risk, internal controls improvement, governance, and compliance are gradually developing areas among the utilities companies.

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C3’s announcement of their acquisition of Efficiency 2.0 illustrates the rapid pace of evolution in the Smart Building Analytics competitive landscape and the increasing value of information technology for facility energy management.

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