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Residential energy storage has long been a goal of renewables proponents. If you can get batteries in the home and mix them with photovoltaics, you can reduce the grid requirements of every PV-enabled home. However the economics of doing so have laid down a formidable threshold to reach profitability. Two companies have quietly developed a system that appears to have done that: Tesla Motors and SolarCity.

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SAP announced that it would acquire mobile enterprise application platform maker Syclo on April 10, 2012. Press release link: At the same time, SAP also announced its SAP Mobility Platform (SMP), which is a coming out party for its acquisition of Sybase in 2010 and subsequent integration efforts to SAP. The Syclo and SMP efforts create opportunities, and risks, for utilities in the medium and long term as a result.

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This week, Brian Kerbs blog about FBI report outlining electricity theft and fraud has made many headlines. The FBI report indicates that the Puerto Rican utility (not explicitly mentioned, PREPA) has been victim of the electricity theft in the past years. While fraud has been a talked about issue in relation to smart meters, does this example really depict the lack of security controls or just another episode of electricity theft among the developing countries?

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News broke recently that Serious Energy, formerly Serious Materials, is going back to where it came from…materials. Just about one year after rebranding, the company is closing the doors on energy analytics and data management.

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Musings from Accenture's IUEC

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Last week I attended Accenture's annual International Utilities and Energy Conference (IUEC) in San Francisco. Held for over 20 years now, the event draws Accenture thought leaders, utility and energy company executives and 3rd party experts from government, academia and the private sector. This year 13 countries were represented. As I attended the sessions and spoke to the attendees I was on the lookout for trends and opinions related to clean energy. Here's what I found.

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A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend as Speaker and Chairman "Smart Utilities Scandinavia" in Copenhagen, alongside my colleague Petr Stabrawa and 200 utilities experts. The 2-day event is one of several organized by Synergy, which IDC Energy Insights supports in the guise of Knowledge Partner.

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