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A False Scare for Tesla

By Sam Jaffe – 3 Comments

A blog posting recently made the rounds regarding a fatal design flaw in the Tesla Roadster. The blogger claims that some Roadsters have become "bricks", with non-functioning batteries requiring a $40,000 fix. The blog is dead wrong about most of the technical facts it claims to be reporting. Don't blame the blogger, however: he's only participating in a trend of misinformation about electric vehicles that is starting to impact the reputation of the fledgling industry.

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What a Day for Itron!

By Dean Chuang – 2 Comments

This blog was written with support from Marcus Torchia. Itron sent ripples through the smart metering community last Wednesday with the announcement of a big acquisition and a critical new pilot. On an eventful 2011 Q4 earnings call, Itron revealed that the company has agreed to acquire leading cellular AMI communications provider SmartSynch and that the new Itron-Cisco IPv6 smart grid solution has been selected for National Grid's high profile Worcester trial. What does this all mean?

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The Nuclear Regulatory Commission's approval of two new nuclear units for Southern Company may signal a bubble or a renaissance for nuclear power in the United States. There is some speculation that the approval, plus the prospects of cleaner energy and jobs, will make approvals easier for SCANA, the next company in line for an application in the United States. Whether or not this will be a renaissance in the United States, nuclear power plants continue to be developed in other regions of the world.

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IDC Energy Insights published two complementary Smart Building Maturity Model reports today, for vendors and for end users engaged in, or exploring new opportunities in this rapidly growing marketplace.  IDC Energy Insights' goal with the maturity model is to provide a framework for understanding the ecosystem of Smart Building solutions and a tool for communicating the benefits of investing in increasingly sophisticated energy management technologies.

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Discussions of Big Data in the context of the smart grid or smart cities tend to focus on the large volumes of real-time data generated by intelligent devices like smart meters and sensors. This is the industrial side of the Internet often referred to as the Internet of Things. However, organizations responsible for physical infrastructure like utilities and city public works departments should not ignore the traditional consumer side of the Internet as a valid source of data.

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Better Place first announced its intentions to build a network of electric vehicles four years ago. Since then, besides a few demonstration projects, the company has had little to show. But behind the scenes, the Israel-based company has been furiously developing its its switch station mechanisms, deployment methodology and--most importantly--its sophisticated network management software. Now, finally, the company announced this week that it has released the first 100 cars onto its Israeli network. And desp

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Is Glen Canyon for Real?

By Dean Chuang – 6 Comments

One of my most interesting conversations at DistribuTECH last week came with Glen Canyon, an upstart smart meter vendor recently founded by a group of former metering executives and energy VC's.  Glen Canyon has redesigned the smart meter, creating a novel AMI solution at an eye-opening price.

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