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Last week at GreenBuild, I joined Melissa O'Mara, VP Green Building Solutions at Schneider Electric, Andy Schonberger Director of the Earth Rangers Centre, David Ejiadi Principal of the Weidt Group, and Tim McCormick CEO of JouleX to discuss how we get from case study to mainstream – Barriers and Enablers on the Path to Smart, High Performance Buildings. Our discussion demonstrated that a common language and new tools will make great strides in moving the facilities management industry down this path.

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The murky world of educating energy consumers

By Michael Guilfoyle

Educating consumers about energy use has become mission critical for the utility industry. How difficult will it be? Two recent events, including Superstorm Sandy, shed light on the complexity of customer engagement and education.

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Big Benefits in Platforms for Energy Efficiency

By Casey Talon

This year the GreenBuild week was kick started by a new conference hosted by GreenBiz in San Francisco. Verge@GreenBuild was an exploration of how innovation in energy, building and transportation technologies is transforming sustainability to generate "radical efficiencies."

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Are Our Smart Grid Hopes Misplaced?

By Rick Nicholson – 3 Comments

It’s been a week since Hurricane Sandy hit the eastern seaboard of the U.S., causing power outages for over 8 million utility customers. As it should be, the initial focus has been on restoring power and rebuilding the existing grid infrastructure. But as we recover from this disaster, what should we be considering to mitigate or avoid similar disasters in the future?

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