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Last week, I had the opportunity to attend Itron Utility Week at the JW Marriott in San Antonio. Itron is one of the largest global metering technology companies, and the range of product lines presented at Itron Utility Week highlighted the company's commitment to providing a portfolio of solutions for the needs of the market today.

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On Wednesday, 24th October Honeywell International announced an agreement to acquire control solutions manufacturer Saia-Burgess Controls from Hong Kong-based Johnson Electric for $130 million. Saia-Burgess Controls, which operates out of Switzerland, develops and manufactures electronic components for industrial and commercial automation and controls systems OEMS and systems integrators. As well as enhancing Honeywell's technology and product offering, Saia-Burgess Controls brings Honeywell greater access to key European markets, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In particular, its business model, which predominantly relies on a network of over 400 local system integrators, will open up opportunities for cross-selling. Additionally, Saia's electricity sub-metering solution which is targeted to the EMEA region is expected to complement Honeywell's E-MON sub-metering solution which is focused on North America, providing a platform to develop sales in this area.

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Last week, the Annual Metering Billing/CRM Europe conference and exhibition was held for the 14th time. As the event attracts more attendees each year (this year, nearly 7,000 participants made it to Amsterdam), it becomes clear that the interest in smart grids and smart metering is on the rise. With IDC Energy Insights being a proud Knowledge Partner of the conference, we had the chance to participate in the three-day event and talk to a number of this year’s attendees, both smart meter vendors and telecommunication providers. Below are some key observations from the discussions:

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Last week Forbes published an article titled "Energy Efficiency May Run out of Gas." I'm here to argue there are 3 strong reasons that Energy Efficiency, and Smart Buildings more specifically will play an important role in the energy future of the US economy.

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On October 1st we officially launched our new Smart Buildings Strategies program. We’ve been closely watching a transformation in the facilities management industry and see a convergence of information technology and building automation changing the way facilities operate. This convergence is generating a host of new Smart Building solutions with capabilities for energy management that deliver cost savings, streamline operations and maintenance, and help achieve a variety of business goals such as sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and greenhouse gas emission reduction.

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It's been a rough last couple of weeks for many cleantech darlings. Two of them epitomize the struggles that the space is seeing today: A123 Systems and Better Place. For one, the fight is over. But the other is just beginning its journey.

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There’s no doubt that the traditional utility business model is evolving. What is debated is how large that change will be, where it will occur, when it will happen, and what it will look like as it changes. Seemingly lost in that discussion is talk about impediments that utilities have built up and inherited over the years. Unless those barriers are breached and utilities achieve better readiness for change, evolution is impossible. What are those impediments and how ingrained are they?

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Schneider Electric (Telvent) discovered a security breach to its corporate network on September 10, 2012. According to Schneider Electric (Telvent) statement, breach affected some customer files related to its OASyS SCADA product. Customers were informed about this breach two weeks ago. Although, this breach doesn't expose any gaps in the OASyS SCADA line of products yet, it is an eye opener for other vendors operating utility infrastructure

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Smart Charging Gets a Boost in Ireland

By Sam Jaffe

IBM and Irish electric utility ESB announced on Monday a new partnership to provide a complete charging solution for electric vehicles in Ireland. The program will entail more than 1,000 Level 2 public chargers and a unified billing system that allows every EV owner to be charged directly by his or her own retail electricity provider, even if the charging station is owned by ESB.

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