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Total SunPower

By Dean Chuang

This blog was jointly authored by Dean Chuang and Jay Holman. 

French oil & gas supermajor Total announced yesterday that it has agreed to purchase a controlling stake in SunPower, becoming the latest energy giant to make a major move in the solar industry.

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Two weeks ago in Mannheim, I joined the 8th International SAP Utilities Conference, where I also had my personal little contribution delivering a presentation about electric vehicles. The International version of the event is held biannually, and this year the conference delivered two and a half  days of keynotes, executive panels, breakout sessions, deep-dive product workshops, SAP and partner exhibits, live product  demonstrations, and networking of professionals of electricity, gas, waste &

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Starting on Sunday, April 10th the Accenture International Utilities and Energy Conference, IUEC2011 was held in Amsterdam. The critical questions driving the event were ‘Where are we headed?’ and ‘What can we expect?’ Energy efficiency, capital investments, alternative transport fuels, Smart Grids, emerging business models, sustainability, and talent management were key topics covered during the two days of plenary and breakout sessions.


Recently, I was looking for key highlights from the European Union Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) that ended on Friday. Finding just bits and pieces in the media waters, I wrote a short piece focused on the new Smart Grid Communication presented during the week. Please feel welcome to contribute your thoughts as well.


Innovation in the face of budget cuts

By Katherine Hamilton – 2 Comments

“We will make the tough cuts necessary to achieve these savings, including in programs I care about, but I will not sacrifice the core investments we need to grow and create jobs.  We’ll invest in…clean energy technology….We will invest in education and job training.  We will do what we need to compete and we will win the future.” Barack Obama, April 13, 2011, Georgetown University The US

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General Electric announced last week that it will be building a 400 MW factory to build cadmium telluride (Cd-Te) photovoltaic modules. While that represents a lot of panels, the real significance of the announcement can be measured not in megawatts, but in microns. That's because GE's bet on Cd-Te means that they have confidence in the availability of enough Telurium to make all their panels. GE, like most mega-corporations, doesn't make bets. It knows there's enough telurium because it has probably figure

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This blog was jointly authored by Dean Chuang and Marcus Torchia. Ending months of speculation, Itron confirmed earlier today that BC Hydro had selected Itron to provide the utility's 1.8 million customers with advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).  

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It was not really a surprise that the deadline for GHG reporting would be extended.   The EPA announced on March 17 that the deadline for reporting annual GHG emissions would be moved from March 30, 2011 to September 30, 2011.  Extensions to reporting deadlines are typically a matter of course.  The extended deadline would give the EPA time to test the GHG reporting tool (e-GGRT).  Electronic submission is required, and while the online tool is expected to streamline reporting, ente

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This week I attended the Launch Event of the Smart Energy Demand Coalition in Brussels. The Smart Energy Demand Coalition (SEDC) is dedicated to making the demand side a smart, interactive part of the energy value chain in order to ensure the long-term goals of the Smart Grid. While the SEDC has very clear intentions, and has laid out 11 policy goals to drive the spread of energy demand response programs throughout the EU, much of the attention at the conference was given exclusively to smart meters. Obviou

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