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The last 12 months were quite busy for utilities on the cybersecurity and compliance fronts. Very much like last year, 2011 also witnessed increase in the targeted attack vectors. Although, many industries were hit with specific security attacks, utility industry continued to untangle the affects of "Stuxnet". In addition, multiple security research firms found a new malware "Duqu", reported to be built using Stuxnet code.  Utility IT and operations professionals will see more compliance activities aro


If one were to mold their view of the solar industry simply by what they read in the media headlines, it would be tough to believe that solar is an industry with substantial future growth potential.  I know, I know….the old saying goes 'Don't judge a book by its cover', and I guess the same can be said for an industry – don't judge an industry by its headlines.  But it's hard not to.  Solar headlines these days seem to focus on reduced margins, organizational restructuring, incen

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Siemens acquires eMeter

By Roberta Bigliani

 This post is authored by Daniella Muallem, Jill Feblowitz and Roberta Bigliani Operational Technology (OT) vendors continue to acquire Information Technology (IT) vendors.  Siemens, a leading European electronics and electrical engineering company, took a further step in its commitment to smart grid with its recently announced acquisition of meter data management (MDM) company, eMeter.   This deal follows in the footsteps of OT vendors seeking to build out their software portfolio such

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Smart meters for smart markets?

By Dean Chuang

On Tuesday, December 6th, IDC Energy Insights issued the third quarter 2011 release of the Worldwide Quarterly Smart Meter Tracker. The global appetite for smart metering continues to rise, and the steady increase in international demand has offset the slowdown in the North American market.

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Putting the Pedal to the Metal on Smart Grid

By Jill Feblowitz

 This blog was co-authored with Marcus Torchia and Usman Sindhu The utility industry has spent a lot of time in the last 5 years looking at the benefits – hard and soft – of smart grid investment.  Utilities have had to justify investments in smart grid to regulators and to the federal government in order to receive cost recovery and matching grants.  Enter new legislation in Illinois that will tie profits to performance on metrics that depend partly on smart meters and smart grid

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AT&T recently made its intention public to develop a home energy management (HEM) solution. Katie Fehrenbacher has details in her article. AT&T's move into the HEM space was expected after it acquired Xanboo, a home automation company, a year ago. Another Telco giant, Verizon initiated its home energy management service about a month ago after several months in select market trials. The trend that Telco companies are entering the HEM business is noteworthy for utilities since customers can choose to

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