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I’ve been avoiding writing about the potential fate of smart grid in this new Congress because, honestly, I haven’t been able to get a good read on these new folks yet. The President’s State of the Union address did provide us with some markers about what might be possible in the smart grid world over the next 18 months or so. Let’s start with what he said:

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From Spacecraft to Skyscrapers

By Casey Talon – 2 Comments

If "This is our generation's Sputnik moment", then we must not miss one of the biggest opportunities for leadership and innovation - energy efficiency, a topic completely missed in this week's State of the Union.  Across industries and sectors of our economy, energy efficiency can deliver significant cost savings, greenhouse gas reductions, and drive down demand for fossil fuels.  In particular, Smart Buildings embody the full potential of energy efficiency.

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President Obama's State of the Union address surprised many policy watchers, pundits and analysts by featuring a stronger than expected focus on energy policy.  During his speech the President made at least three significant statements about energy policy.  First, he reiterated his campaign promise for the U.S. to be "the first country to have a million electric vehicles on the road by 2015."  Second, he proposed funding energy innovation by "asking Congress to eliminate the billions in taxpa

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GE Gets Smart

By Jill Feblowitz

Business analytics continues to be a hot target for acquisitions.  This trend continues with the GE announcement that it would acquire advanced analytics vendor SmartSignal. Most of the acquisitions in recent years have been business intelligence analytics, built to handle financial metrics and provide dashboarding capabilities, such as IBM with Cognos and SPSS, Oracle with Hyperion and SAP with Business Objects.  Now the analytics acquisitions are moving more into operational analytics.  The

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Bloom Starts To Deliver On the Hype

By Sam Jaffe

Bloom Energy announced today a new program that sells electricity created by their fuel cells, rather than the fuel cells themselves. In my opinion, this is an extremely important event. It eliminates the two biggest obstacles for Bloom and for distributed generation in general:


Spain replaces Italy as the focus point for the smart metering industry in Europe for couple of years to come due to Endesa's massive rollout that was just launched. IDC Energy Insights explore what consequences that may bring.

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Last November Living City Block, a non-profit organization that was spun out from the Rocky Mountain Institute, received a $600,000 ARRA technical assistance award from the U.S. DOE as part of the Commercial Buildings Partnership Program.  Living City Block is using the award to help achieve its goal of taking one and a half city blocks in Denver and transforming it into a sustainable community. Living City Block will perform modeling and implementation work to significantly reduce the energy consumpti

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Duke Seeks Progress: Where Does IT Fit?

By Jill Feblowitz

The buzz this week is all about the merger between Duke and Progress, leading to a mega-utility.   According to Jim Rodgers in the January 10 webcast on the merger, the merger "creates a company positioned for future financial strength and capability that will be greater than the sum of the two separate companies. Both companies are underway with significant fleet modernization strategies. We are updating our aging infrastructure to meet future demand growth projections and future environmental co

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As part of our ongoing coverage on Plug-in Electric Vehicles, PEVs, we have recently published another perspective (Deploying Plug-In Electric Vehicles in Europe: Updates from Germany) on what is happening in Germany, with specific details from a few of the largest German utility sponsored PEV initiatives. This perspective follows several others, including one updating on PEV deployment in Italy (Deploying Electric Vehicles in Europe: Updates from Italy), which we blogged about during the summer.

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Duke Energy announced earlier today an intention to merge with Progress Energy, creating the nation’s largest utility, with more than 7 million customers. In 2009, Duke announced that it had chosen California based smart metering company Echelon as its smart meter vendor and has already installed more than 100,000 meters (final targeted deployment of 700,000) in their Ohio service territory.

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