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In the enterprise IT world the concept of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is well established as a means to integrate applications and automate business processes in a service oriented architecture (SOA).  An ESB does this by handling the orchestration of service requests across participating systems.  This is a market dominated by the likes of IBM, Oracle, Software AG and TIBCO.  While familiar to most utility IT staff, this concept is just emerging in the smart grid market.  Recent res

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Too Much Electricity is Already Here

By Sam Jaffe – 10 Comments

Vinod Khosla, co-founder of Sun Microsystems and cleantech venture capitalist extraordianaire, is a man who often makes a lot of sense. He is adept at grabbing compelling insights from the muddy waters of the energy industry and articulating them clearly, quickly and succinctly to the interested public. One example is his recent quotation from a Silicon Valley panel that the U.S. was on the verge of producing too much electricity. His point was that a significant obstacle to the addition of new renewable re

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It may be low price, but it seems that the pace has picked up for acquisition of generating assets from merchant generators. According to an SNL Energy article, Q2'10 power plant M&A update, August 3, by Jesse Gilbert, "The total capacity of plants announced in deals in the first half of 2010 totaled 58,708 MW, surpassing the full-year total of 56,398 MW announced in 2009."  Today, one more deal was added to the mix.  Constellation Energy announced that it signed an agreement to purchase Bosto

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CSC Catches Bass

By Jill Feblowitz

Ever since I have been covering information technology in the utility industry, CSC has been one professional service firm that has served the utility industry.  About 10 years ago, the involvement was mostly in commodity areas.  Through the years, CSC has built experience and expertise in IT specific to the industry in areas such as customer service and transmission and distribution.  With the acquisition of Bass & Company, CSC is demonstrating their commitment to the industry by ex

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