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Cape Wind Raises its Sails

By Sam Jaffe – 2 Comments

The Interior Department officially gave its blessing to the Cape Wind offshore wind power project today. It was a long time coming. The Cape Wind developers began the process of licensing and permitting more than nine years ago, but their journey isn't over yet. Opponents are threatening a series of lawsuits that will continue to stymie the development and, they hope, prevent a single turbine from ever being planted in the sea.

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Although Idan Ofer held just a few hundred Yen in his hand, the smile on his face was genuine. The bills in his hand represented the first revenue earned by Better Place, the company which the Israeli billionaire helped to found and in which he has invested  tens of millions of his family’s fortune. The Yen were courtesy of the first taxi ride given in a Better Place car, thanks to the launch of a three-car pilot program in the Roppongi Hills section of Tokyo. The taxi service was launched on Mon

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Last week, according to various industry sources, GridPoint went through a company downsizing.  There is no official statement from GridPoint regarding numbers and estimates circulating on the Web vary widely from 10-140 staff.  My estimate is in the 40-50 range.  While company layoffs are nothing new or unique (my employer had a reduction in force about a year ago), I believe this event has wider implications for the smart grid technology market.

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Ice Energy Rolls Out a Trojan Bear

By Rick Nicholson – 4 Comments

With its 53MW capacity project with the Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA), thermal energy storage vendor Ice Energy , in the words of its CEO Frank Ramirez, “crossed the endless pilot chasm” and transitioned into a technically and economically viable provider of load shifting capability to utilities.  The SCPPA project will deploy approximately 6,000 Ice Bear energy storage units on over 1,500 commercial and industrial rooftops.  While this is an important market devel

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