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The solar PV industry continues to evolve as it rapidly expands, and it is easy to lose track of high level trends in the industry amid the constant barrage of press releases and articles about the latest developments. Therefore I thought it would be interesting to take a few of those high level trends and track their progress on a regular basis, to provide my opinion on which developments represent real progress in the industry and which ones represent white noise. The three trends I feel will have the gre

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"Smart Metering Russia 2010" Event Wrap-up

By Gaia Gallotti

After two intense days of presentations "Smart Metering Russia 2010" wrapped up on November 23rd, with over 150 representatives from 40 different utilities. The first morning's presentation session laid out the Russian market landscape, and was followed by an afternoon session of Western European presenters including myself with the "Important criteria to set-up a successful smart metering program." The second day was largely devoted to Russia's involvement with smart meters, and after hearing about a dozen

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What Utility CIOs Think About Cloud Services

By Rick Nicholson – 6 Comments

I recently participated in a series of round table discussions with over 30 North American utility industry CIOs on the topic of cloud computing.  The discussions focused on the current usage of cloud services in the utility industry, opportunities and challenges related cloud services, and future plans for cloud services.  Although recent IDC research has shown that utilities are trailing many other industries in their adoption of cloud services (which is not surprising given that utilities are r

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Most popular EV models for European pilots

By Roberta Bigliani

This is the third blog post in a series that will evaluate the impact Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs) will have on sustainability, with a particular focus on what is happening in Europe. In our first blog, we examined how PEVs can help the European Union achieve its "20-20-20" goals by 2020. In the second post we dove into the infrastructure, specifically charging infrastructure that is being put in place across Europe by various utilities. As we've already highlighted in our previous related blog posts, i

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GE and its venture capital partners recently announced the first round of winners in its ecomagination challenge.  This first round of investment included $55 million of the total $200 million available and was awarded to the 12 companies listed below. ClimateWell Consert FMC-Tech The Fu Foundation School for Engineering and Applied Science, Columbia University JouleX OPOWER Scientific Conservation SecureRF Sentient Energy Soladigm SustainX SynapSense VC partners participating in this round included Fo

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A couple weeks ago, I blogged about how we believe that Western European (WE) Utilities' CIOs are still not truly committing to the Smart Grids vision. In this post, I would like to elaborate on this further, by presenting more specific findings on 3 Line-of-Business (LOB) solution adoption and investment trends by Western European Utility CIOs, derived from our recently published report "Business Strategy: CIOs' Priorities—IT Solutions - Western European Utilities Survey, 2010" (Doc# EIOS05S, October

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ERCOT Goes Nodal: Are You Ready with Analytics?

By Jill Feblowitz

The ERCOT nodal market is ready to go live December 1, according to the board of directors of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).  The nodal market has been a long time in coming, but now that it is finally arriving, market participants will need to be able to understand how to participate in the market.  ERCOT's training session Nodal 101 will help participants with the nuts and bolts, but the savvy participant will want to be able to understand power flows and market pricing, in o

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What does Smart Grid mean to your company?

By Roberta Bigliani

Few weeks have passed since the Next Generation Utilities 2010 conference, held in Vienna in October, allowing us to digest and reflect on all the findings and point of views shared during the 2-day conference. And this is even more relevant considering that tomorrow I will have the chance to repeat the same experience in Australia. As IDC Energy Insights, we have been the Analyst Partner for the event for quite a few years now, giving us the opportunity to facilitate and lead discussions around Energy effi

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Why Lament the Death of Carbon Cap-and-Trade?

By Rick Nicholson – 2 Comments

There's been a lot of hand wringing and finger pointing in the wake of the U.S. mid-term elections by the clean energy community as it laments the death of carbon cap-and-trade.  I believe this is due to the fear that, without carbon cap-and-trade, investment in clean technology will dry up.  However, I'm not sure the situation is as bad as everyone seems to think it is.

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Does public EVs charging infrastructure matter?

By Roberta Bigliani

In my previous blog, we examined how PEVs can help the European Union achieve its "20-20-20" goals by 2020. In this post we will divulge into the infrastructure, specifically charging infrastructure that is being put in place, which could be public and private (private homes, parking garages, hotels,…). It should be mentioned that while in the United States electric utilities seem still somewhat on the sidelines of PEV deployment, in Europe, PEV deployment is being very strongly pushed forward by ele

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