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My Home Energy Monitor: Part 5 (Time for Action)

By Rick Nicholson

Since receiving and installing my web bridge I've collected 4 weeks worth of energy consumption data and am now able to view and analyze my data using Google PowerMeter.  My daily average is 1,012 W, my always-on usage is 466 W (which surprised me) and my home uses 32% less than other similar homes.  I can see daily patterns including spikes in usage and I'm told what my current usage is compared to past usage (right now I'm 21% over expected usage so far today - oh dear!).  Google PowerMeter

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The Administrative Law Judge in Colorado hearing the SmartGridCity Certificate for Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) docket has filed his recommended decision that the PUC grant the CPCN with full recovery of the $44.5 million for the project.  The parties to the case (i.e. the intervenors already involved in the docket) have 20 days to file exceptions to the recommended decision. The Commissioners have until December 15th to accept, reject, or modify the recommended decision.

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On my way back from Bentley's "Be Inspired" 2010 event going on this week in Amsterdam, I would like to share some thoughts about what I am taking home. It was really a two-day full immersion in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction world (EPC). Let's clear out some event statistics: this –as per Bentley's definition - "intimate" invitation-only event was counting on the participation of 400 attendees from around the world, 60 journalists, including a few select key analysts (happy to be a par

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The Nugget in Ice Energy's Funding Announcement

By Rick Nicholson – 2 Comments

Ice Energy announced today that it has closed $24 million in Series C financing.  What is particularly interesting is that the funding round included a $4.5 million private equity investment from the new TIAA-CREF Green Building Technology fund in partnership with Good Energies.  TIAA-CREF is the the 4th largest real estate investment manager and its Global Social and Community Investing Department plans to invest as much as $50 million in energy efficiency companies and green building technologie

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By now, everyone has probably heard the news that another merger is underway – Northeast Utilities will buy NStar.  It is reported with some bravado in the Boston Globe.  We still haven't seen anything like the wave of mergers and acquisitions in 2000 when it was hard to keep track of all the name changes and mergers without a white board.  This merger is touted as a play for clean energy by bringing together two regional players to invest in renewables and the transmission lines requir

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Today Comverge, a major player in the demand response market, launched its rebrand - Intelligent Energy Management software, hardware, and services "that help utilities, commercial and industrial (C&I) organizations and consumers optimize energy use."  At the same time EnerNOC a major competitor in the demand response space has also been marketing its services as a means for "transforming the way the world uses energy."  The evolving identities of solution providers and the increasing intellig

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If we start with an oversimplified idea that "Smart Grids = Grids + ICT," then it is obvious that utilities IT budgets have a direct effect on our future achievements of a Smart Grid. However, while there is growing excitement in the market concerning new technologies, including those in the Smart Grid concept, utilities are always cautious when it comes to IT spending and have pressure to prove ROI or TCO reduction before implementing any new initiative. Utility CIOs' budgets are still subject to numerous

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Last Thursday, the Department of Energy released "Large-Scale Offshore Wind Power in the United States: Assessment of Opportunities and Barriers."  A couple highlights from this 240-page document authored by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL): Wind could provide 20% of the nation's electricity by 2030 54 GW of offshore wind facilities equals approximately $200 billion in new economic activity and 43,000 jobs, and this is an estimated 20 jobs per MW Today's offshore wind project pipeline is


This week I am posting a series of blogs on common misconceptions related to the risk of fires in rooftop PV systems. The first post discussed why this risk is real and worth proactively addressing, and the second post pointed out that the risk of fire is a concern for all rooftop PV systems, regardless of system architecture or the type of inverter (microinverter or central inverter) used. Today's post looks at approaches and devices for reducing the risk of fire in these systems, many of which are being d


IDC Energy Insights hosted its semi-annual Clean Energy Outlook in Boulder, Colorado on Tuesday, September 28th. A series of speakers, including IDC Energy Insights analysts, spoke on a range of topics, many of which touched on renewable energy and the challenges and opportunities of renewable energy integration.

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