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This blog is jointly authored by Jill Feblowitz and Marcus Torchia On September 15, Duke Energy announced that is had selected Convergys to provide customer care and billing to support its new smart grid initiative.  What's really new about this decision is that it assumes that the traditional utility customer information systems (CIS) will not be able to handle the complexity of the billing changes anticipated with the system-wide adoption of smart grid and new price and product offerings that will co

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European Offshore Wind Capacity to Reach 40GW by 2020

By Roberta Bigliani

On September 14th, on the occasion of the Offshore Wind Energy Conference, the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) released its expectations for the offshore wind market over the next decade. The study summarizes the technological, regulatory and financial challenges faced by offshore wind energy project managers.

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The green in Greenbox acquisition

By Marcus Torchia – 2 Comments

SilverSpring Networks (SilverSpring) picked up Greenbox for an undisclosed sum, and made the announcement public at the GridWeek Conference in Washington, DC this week.  Greenbox built a product that competes in the crowded market place for energy management software. As a partner of SilverSpring, Greenbox' traction in the market place was underwhelming relative to the anticipated market opportunity and the competition.

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On September 22, 2009, the EPA issued a final rule requiring the reporting of 2010 greenhouse gas emissions from large emitters on an annual basis.  Reporting emissions is nothing new to utilities, and most utilities will be able to do reporting using existing EH&S applications.  Utilities need to study the details, though, so that they are able to meet reporting requirements without a hitch.  Still, the biggest impact on the industry is yet to come - passage of a climate change and energ

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France's carbon tax set to start in 2010

By Gaia Gallotti

France's Carbon Tax will stimulate energy savings, reduce the oil and gas bills of both the country and families and create an incentive to step up development of green technologies.

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Balance Energy Tries a Smart Grid End Run

By Rick Nicholson – 4 Comments

Amidst the numerous announcements at the GridWeek conference this week in Washington, DC was one that caught my attention as being unique and potentially game-changing.  Balance Energy, a start-up funded and owned by BAE Systems, entered the market as a developer of microgrids for universities, business parks, municipalities and other communities.


Current and expected environmental regulations are likely to raise the cost of coal-fired electricity generation in North America. By placing limits on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, these increasingly stringent directives are imposing compliance costs on conventional fossil fuel-based generation and, in turn, directly and indirectly impacting coal-fired economics. However, emerging technologies that produce torrefied or carbonized biomass (also referred to as processed biomass) have the potential to offer


Next generation geothermal projects harnessing enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) may offer a glimpse of the future, but recent failures — including drilling challenges and induced seismicity (read: triggered earthquakes) — are dimming the prospects for the technology's near-term commercialization. That's not deterring the federal government from allocating an increasing level of R&D funding to EGS commercialization efforts, though. And it's clear why: EGS has the potential to vastly increase

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Smart Grid Sand Traps 101: Communications networks -

By Marcus Torchia

Live from SAP for Utilities 2009...... In a particularly well attended session, titled Getting Smart on the Smart Grid, the stage hosted leaders from the utility vendor community in a moderated panel format. On the panel sat Mike Vallochi, IBM; David Bieber, Accenture; Tom Turco, Deloitte; and Stefan Engelhardt, SAP. The panel was moderated by Maureen Coveney, SAP. Many readers no doubt have attended the moderated panel format at a conference and know what to expect. Yet, it never ceases to amaze me when I

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When JP Morgan Chase & Company puts in a bid of $204 million for EcoSecurities, developer, supplier and trader of emissions reductions, you know the carbon market is about to take off.  There have to be dozens of vendors who are now out there on the market touting their carbon footprint and carbon management applications.  There are lots of different angles, so it's often now easy to tell the players without a scorecard.  We've taken a look at a very specific part of the market - emi

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