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Okay I admit that the title of this article is a little misleading but it did get your attention. A recent editorial by Thomas Friedman explored the question "should the US join OPEC?" posed by energy economist Phil Verleger. It got me thinking (again) about the role intelligent technologies would play in making the US energy independent while maintaining high environmental standards.

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Last week I had the opportunity to attend, as the analyst partner, GDS International's NG Oil&Gas ANZ Summit in Perth, alongside 60 senior executives joining from O&G companies operating in Australia and New Zealand. While the topic of Oil & Gas is exhaustively covered in our research, for me it was a unique experience from a geographic perspective, as the characteristics of the Australian O&G landscape differs from those in the EMEA region, I am used to covering.

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Unconventional oil and gas, in particular shale gas, has transformed the energy industry in North America and offers great hope for other regions, enabled by hydraulic fracturing or "fracking" and horizontal drilling technologies.  However, exploration and production companies in the unconventional gas business are facing very tight profit margins, due to the low natural gas prices and the higher cost of drilling for these resources.

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This blog was in collaboration with Usman Sindhu The effects of Macondo are still being felt in the oil and gas industry.  One of the oil and gas industry predictions we made in December for 2012 was that there is still work to be done in safety and environmental management. Best practice companies will set the bar for achievement.  They will establish clear accountability, designation of authority, and put together well defined safety and risk metrics.  They will develop safe work pract

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