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Unconventional gas, more specifically shale gas in the U.S., continues to generate considerable controversy.  The mainstream media have latched on to shale gas and the associated hydraulic fracturing or "fracking" process as worthy of investigation and politicians are lining up on both sides of the pro/con fence.  However, despite the controversy, I believe it's inevitable that unconventional gas will continue to grow in importance and magnitude in the U.S. energy mix over the next 10-20 years.&nb

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Security malwares such as Night Dragon and Stuxnet, in the last year, have brought more security threats to light. Chief Information Officers (CIO) and IT decision makers report that executives are acknowledging the emerging threat landscape. The use of "new" technologies by Oil&Gas companies, such as digital oilfields as well as cloud computing, wireless & mobility, and social media, while bringing improvements in operational efficiencies, also bring with them additional security threats. Oil&G

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