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A Big Win for Allegro Development

By Jill Feblowitz

New trading exchanges and new products are gaining momentum in the emerging economies.  At the same time, national oil companies are taking a more active role in trading.  Earlier this month, Allegro Development announced that Saudi Aramco has selected Allegro 8 platform to support its newly launched worldwide refined products trading subsidiary.  The win represents an opportunity for Allegro Development to make further inroads into the Middle East. 

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Schneider Electric's $2 billion acquisition of Telvent has received a lot of media and analyst coverage (IDC Energy Insights included) relative to the smart grid market.  However, lost in all of this coverage are the implications this acquisition has for the oil & gas industry.   Telvent's current business includes products and services across utilities, transportation, agriculture and oil & gas markets.  In the oil & gas industry, the company's solutions are primarily in the

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Companies involved in trading energy commodities are in limbo while the CFTC considers rulemaking required by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act.  The Act set a very aggressive schedule for rulemaking, with many rules expected to be issued by July 2011.  IDC Energy Insights recently moderated a panel of compliance officers at Sungard's Houston City day on the topic of Dodd-Frank.  All panel members agreed that new rules will have a major impact on what systems – people, process and i

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