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Eni Breaks Ground on its New Green Data Center

By Luiza Semernya – 2 Comments

On October3rd, I attended the opening event for Eni's new Green Data Center (a project known as Zephyr) in Ferrera Erbognone, Pavia. This data center will be located in Ferrera Erbognone, because of its immediate proximity to Enipower's power plant. This will grant Eni to generate the required energy to power the data center. Power will be produced from methane turbogas the cleanest of fossil fuels to produce electricity.  This project is unique in Italy, and likely internationally, and it foresees the

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News from Oracle OpenWorld: Oil and Gas on the Move

By Jill Feblowitz

Good news for oil and gas companies.  Oracle is on the move with oil and gas.  Oracle has always sold products to the oil and gas industry, but has not been aggressive about promoting its industry framework, unlike other vendors serving the industry.  Two days of oil and gas industry sessions are an indicator that Oracle is on the move and dedicated to serving this industry and its challenges.  Oracle has set its focus squarely on the major challenge faced by oil and gas companies today

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