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Recent reports of an oil leak resulting in shutin of two oilfields in Alaska caught our eye. The leak, due to corrosion, caused a production loss of at least 14,000 -15,000 barrels at the Oooguruk field operated by ConocoPhillips for Pioneer Natural Resources and another 3,250 at 3H Pad.  And that is assuming that the company was able to repair the leak in a day. With a back of the envelop calculation given a price per barrel at $85 that means a loss of at about $1.5 million.  Fortu

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HP Labs Focuses New Technology on Oil & Gas

By Rick Nicholson

I had the pleasure of spending last Friday at HP Labs in Palo Alto meeting with researchers and seeing demos of new technologies that relate to energy and the environment.  Prith Banerjee, SVP of Research and Director of HP Labs has organized the research into 8 themes and 21 "big bet" projects.  Nearly all of the themes include work that relates to energy and the environment and at least two projects have a specific oil & gas industry focus.

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