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When JP Morgan Chase & Company puts in a bid of $204 million for EcoSecurities, developer, supplier and trader of emissions reductions, you know the carbon market is about to take off.  There have to be dozens of vendors who are now out there on the market touting their carbon footprint and carbon management applications.  There are lots of different angles, so it's often now easy to tell the players without a scorecard.  We've been taking a look at a specific part of the market - emissio


Oilfield Service Consolidation

By Catherine Madden – 2 Comments

Baker Hughes announced on Monday, August 31 that they would purchase BJ Services Co. in a cash-and-stock deal valued at $5.5 billion. Baker Hughes announcement is not necessarily a surprise, although a deal of this size seemed unlikely. As the price of oil continued to fall in 2008, there was much speculation about what companies would be snapped up on the cheap. For Baker Hughes, this merger should provide increased international exposure, as well as long-term positioning for the future with access to tech

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