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IT Outsourcing in Oil & Gas

By Catherine Madden – 2 Comments

In the current climate for oil & gas companies, which include rising costs and lower commodity prices compared to the summer of 2008, and of course, the continuing  pressures of the economic recession, IDC Energy Insights most current research indicated that the overall trend for IT spending by oil & gas companies was lower than the previous forecast.


Oil & Gas IT Spending to Recover in 2010

By Catherine Madden

While the price of oil remains out of the control of oil and gas companies, the cost of doing business is an area where they can make cuts to improve the bottom line. A preliminary examination of global IT spending in the oil and gas industry indicates that companies are lowering IT spend in 2009 and outbound.

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Spending On ETRM Software– Doldrums or Not?

By Jill Feblowitz – 2 Comments

Like other sectors, market conditions in the energy sector in 2008 were dominated by the collapse of major financial institutions, plus recessions through world economies. The situation was similar in many ways to the post-Enron collapse. The credit crisis had an impact on all of the major energy commodity markets, affecting the availability of liquidity.  And ETRM software vendors saw a decline in new license sales and implementations.  Will the same be true under current conditions?

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