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As part of GE’s Predix platform, Digital Inspection is developing as a key focus area for Predix’s product roadmap. As part of the focus, GE Digital is releasing Predictive Corrosion Management (PCM). PCM is as its name implies, a system to predicatively manage corrosion of pipes and vessels. In the Oil & Gas space, immense resources are spent planning inspections, manually conducting inspections, and trying to predict corrosive wear.

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10 Predictions for the Oil & Gas Industry

By Chris Niven

The IDC Energy Insights study presents the IDC Energy Insights analyst team's outlook for 2017, and the 24-months-and-beyond planning horizon, through the lens of the 10 predictions that make up, in IDC Energy Insights' view, the framework for IT and line-of-business decision makers' and influencers' planning and execution of technology-related initiatives in the year ahead.

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The IDC Futurescape: Worldwide Mining 2017 Predictions provides mining companies with the top 10 predictions and underlying drivers that we expect to impact mining companies' IT investments in 2017 and beyond. Technology leaders and their counterparts in the line-of-business (LOB) operations can use this study to guide their IT strategic planning efforts. Key themes woven into our worldwide mining top 10 predictions for 2017 include the need for digital transformation (DX), new ways of innovating, more integrated IT and operational technology (OT), business security, and rethinking the future of work. While the predictions offered here largely focus on the near term to midterm (2017–2020), the impact of many of these predictions will be felt for years to come. Most of our predictions refer to a continuum of change within the wider ecosystem of the mining industry and global economy.

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IBM announced the Watson Data Platform as a tool to help companies gain strategic value in Oil & Gas exploration.

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MIT is working with oil and gas companies on the next generation of remote underwater vehicle to has created a working prototype of an autonomous underwater vehicles AUV, with the goal of further developing it into a complete functional ROV, untethered for agility, with advanced functionality, and a complete communication system giving the human operator more data, analytics and greater flexibility and control to go where no man has gone before, and literally do what humans cannot deep below the surface.

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Development costs per well have generally increased from 2006 to 2012, demonstrating the effect of rapid growth and competition for drilling new wells. Since 2012, costs per well have decreased mainly because of; reduced overall drilling activity and improved drilling efficiencies and this trend should continue for the next couple of years as operators focus on operational excellence.

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Infosys (NYSE: INFY) a global Professional Services company recently acquired Noah Consulting, LLC, for their data and information management expertise in the oil and gas industry. This acquisition is intended to provide Infosys with deep oil and gas domain expertise to help solve the problems oil and gas companies face with managing the significant growth, diversity and complexity of various data types in the oil field that is required to generate meaningful analytics and better decision-making.

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Tackling Asset Management in Oil and Gas

By Jill Feblowitz

Even before the price of crude oil dropped south of $50 per barrel, oil and gas companies were focusing on improving their performance. With uncertainty about where the price will go, there has been a pull back in new capital investment and in exploration. Oil and gas companies are depending on maintaining production from the most profitable existing wells. Instrumentation coupled with software can be used to help producers predict potential critical equipment failure and remedy potential issues before they occur, thus mitigating the risk of unplanned outages. Enter a new offering by GE Measurement & Control and Meridium.

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In the midst of recent price volatility, consolidation of vendors and new energy supply chain, energy companies would be wise to examine the adequacy of their current Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) applications. ETRM vendors have been rolling out messaging to the market, along with new products and enhancements. Added to that voice is Allegro Development. With the new investment by Vector Capital and some changes in leadership, attendees at Allegro's 2014 Customer Summit were anxious to see the latest product release and solution road maps as customers embarked on 3 days of networking and knowledge sharing in Austin, TX. There was a lot to see.

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MIT Student Energy Conference has become a Cambridge tradition. Each year for the last 8 years, students, professors from many disciplines, entrepreneurs, financiers, and vendors to the energy industry have come together to take a peek at the future in energy. Every year is exciting, and the recent energy conference was no exception.

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