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The new order under New York's Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) program allows utilities to capitalize Software as a Service) SaaS expenditures, opening the door to software investment. Will this only be a New York thing, or does it have the possibility to impact the way utilities do business in the U.S?

Apple has DERs from various energy projects meant to secure reliable and renewable power for individual buildings and campuses. But it wants more. While Apple's FERC tariff application might seem innocuous at first glance, IDC Energy Insight's research shows why utility executives might do a double take on the news; they look at technology companies like Apple as their biggest potential threats. The filing, if approved, will open the door for Apple to build DERs that are meant solely to sell energy on the wholesale energy market.

Tendril this week has announced the release of its MyHome energy management application. The application has been built of off Tendril's True Home simulation model which attempts to create customized and accurate predictions of a dwellings energy consumption.

MIT is working with oil and gas companies on the next generation of remote underwater vehicle to has created a working prototype of an autonomous underwater vehicles AUV, with the goal of further developing it into a complete functional ROV, untethered for agility, with advanced functionality, and a complete communication system giving the human operator more data, analytics and greater flexibility and control to go where no man has gone before, and literally do what humans cannot deep below the surface.

Having done a whirlwind tour through rain-soaked Houston to see various large consulting companies, I managed to stay dry. The focal point of the trip was KPMG’s annual Global Energy Conference. It is a pretty well attended affair with senior executives from most of the major energy companies attending. But a theme that not only ran through KPMG’s event, but was at the core of all the consulting firms’ messages was that the downturn in crude price is leading to an upturn in consulting business.

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