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Found an Amazing Tool to Accelerate your DX

By Anuj Agrawal

For those who believed journey towards digital transformation (DX) in banking to be really long and a multiyear effort with specific goals and objectives around markets and customers, revenue, and profit growth, which makes it further complicated – I have witnessed a Technology Revolution that can reduce your digital journey from years to months, which not only share the same abbreviation, that is, IDC, but also has the similar characteristic of being a complete solution for DX!!!

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True story: A VSM executive recently renewed an agreement for a legacy on-premise human capital management (HCM) solution. In return for a five-year commitment, the vendor reduced the maintenance fee by 25% annually. Based on IDC's benchmark data, the price was, indeed, best in class. But several months later, another executive in the company’s Digital Transformation Office requested help on a transformation strategy, seeking to replace the company’s outdated on-premise HCM system with a SaaS-based solution. Should the contract renewal be classified as savings or a costly mistake?

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