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Photo of Michael VersaceOffline
Michael Versace
2 months ago
This just popped up again.  Am interested in…
2 months ago
25% and we're there, mark of the beast. Finally! 
Photo of Jonas KnudsenOffline
Jonas Knudsen
5 months ago
HI, Yes I do. At least in western Europe, there…
guy weiss
5 months ago
Jonas, don' you think that the architecture…
Photo of Jason BremnerOffline
Jason Bremner
5 months ago
Having a IT plan that aligns to the strategy of…



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Lorenzo Veronesi

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Ruthbea Yesner Clarke

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Bill Keyworth

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Cynthia Burghard

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Melinda Ballou

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Jeff Rivkin

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Martha Rounds

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Aaron Polikaitis

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Victoria Brown

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