Sash Mukherjee

Sash Mukherjee

Research Manager, IDC Health Insights/ IDC Government Insights
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Sash Mukherjee is a Research Manager at IDC Health Insights and IDC Government Insights in Asia/Pacific. Based in Singapore, she analyzes the IT strategies and spending for the healthcare, government and education sectors in the region.

In her health-related research, Sash tracks ICT spending trends of the countries in the region, and publishes research studies on their healthcare ICT development and key healthcare technologies. Sash’s government-related research looks into the ICT investment policies of governments, especially in the education sector.

In her consulting role, Sash provides counsel and customized research services to ICT vendors and healthcare organizations. She also represents IDC at industry events, speaking about ICT trends in healthcare.

Sash has more than five years of experience in various facets of the health industry, including business development and writing research-based reports. A learning and development specialist, she has extensive experience in the design, development, and facilitation of training in both academic and corporate settings across the health, insurance, and education industries. Sash also has wide international exposure, having lived and worked in India, the United States and Australia.

Sash Mukherjee
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