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Liz Conner

Senior Research Analyst
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Liz Conner is a Senior Research Analyst with IDC’s Storage Systems and Personal & Entry Level Storage teams. In this role, she conducts in-depth research and analysis for IDC's Storage Systems team as well as provides quarterly quantitative data of the disk storage systems market in the form of the Worldwide Quarterly Disk Storage Systems Tracker. In addition, Ms. Conner is the lead analyst for IDC’s Personal & Entry Level Storage research, focusing on tracking quarterly shipment, forecasting the market and providing comprehensively market research.

Prior to joining IDC, Ms. Conner was a cost analyst for Tecolote Research, where she focused on product life-cycle cost estimates for the Department of Defense.

Ms. Conner earned an M.A. in Applied Economics from Binghamton University and a B.A. in Economics from The College of Wooster in Ohio.

Liz Conner
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