Luca Bonacina

Luca Bonacina

EMEA Research Analyst
IDC Retail Insights
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Luca Bonacina currently holds the Senior Research Analyst position for IDC Retail Insights. In his position at IDC Retail Insights, Mr. Bonacina is responsible for leading both quantitative and qualitative researches and analyses of technology markets across the EMEA region under the "European IT Strategies: Retail" research program, along with providing support to international consulting projects both for vendors end retail end-users.

Since Mr. Bonacina joined IDC Retail Insights, he has conducted retail technology research and has personally participated in different consulting assignments as a consultant or analyst, focusing mostly on some specific technologies areas (including among the others, POS, contactless payments, digital signage) or topics (such as customer experience, cloud computing, and compliance). Quantitative research and advanced modeling skills complete his profile.

Upon completion of a Master of Science degree in economics and management of international markets and new technologies with a major in innovation and technology (graduated with honors) at Bocconi University, he held analyst positions in both research and consulting industry. Prior to joining IDC Retail Insights, he worked as a research analyst for the KITeS research center (hosted by Bocconi University) and as a business analyst for an international management consulting firm.

Luca Bonacina
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