Dean Chuang

Dean Chuang

Sr. Research Analyst Energy Insights Trackers
IDC Energy Insights
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Dean Chuang is a Senior Research Analyst for IDC Energy Insights, supporting the Smart Meter, Photovoltaic Module, and Solar Inverter Tracker research programs.

Mr. Chuang contributes to the IDC Energy Insights blog on the IDC Energy Insights Community ( and his Twitter handle is @deantchuang.

Prior to joining IDC Energy Insights, Mr. Chuang held the position of Research Associate at Collaborative Economics, where he designed, created, and managed the first national establishment-level database of “green” businesses in America. Prior to Collaborative Economics, Mr. Chuang worked as an Energy and Industrials Research Associate with Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG).

Mr. Chuang graduated from Princeton University with an A.B. in Economics and Certificates in Political Economy and Environmental Studies.

Dean Chuang
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